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This gentle yet effective wash deep cleans and removes excess oil without overstripping, and is appropriate for combination, oily or problem skin. Aloe vera extract, allantoin and fucus vesiculosus (bladderwrack) extract soothe and nourish and promote skin’s ability to repair itself, while essential oil of grapefruit provides natural detoxifying action. 


Price: $24.00

Additional Information
Wet hands, face and neck; gently massage a small amount of Foaming Facial Wash onto face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and follow with toner and protective treatment.

Sample homecare regimen for very oily|acne-prone skin:

  Morning     Evening

Cleanse:             Grapefruit Foaming Facial Wash                        Grapefruit Foaming Facial Wash

Tone:                  Purifying Toner                                                     Purifying Toner

Intensive:           Glycolic Serum                                                      Glycolic Serum

Treatment:                                                                                            Botanical Balancer

Eyes:                   Botanical Eye Contour Gel                                  Botanical Eye Contour Gel

Weekly:             Intensive Sea Cleanse (can do twice per week) then Detoxifying Mask


·       Washing twice a day is a must to remove dirt, oil pollution and makeup; oily skins may benefit from a light midday cleansing as well.

Tips for oily|acne-prone skin:

- Avoid using dryer fabric softening sheets: they contain machine-grade oil that disperses in the dryer, this can be highly irritating to acne-prone skin, especially on towels, sheets and pillowcases.

- Use unscented laundry detergent, as perfumes and dyes can cause skin irritation

- Avoid scrubbing, as this may cause irritate skin and exacerbate breakouts.