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Skin Type: All, sensitive

This gentle foaming soap-free wash will appeal to all skin types, but particularly to those clients with a sensitive complexion that reddens easily. Infused with a powerful blend of soothing phytonutrients such as azulene, boswellia serrata, chamomile, calendula and green tea extract to help calm skin and visibly reduce redness.





Price: $25.00

Additional Information

Wet hands, face and neck; use gentle circular motions to massage a small amount of SensiCalm Gentle Foaming Wash onto face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and follow with appropriate toner and protective treatment.

Sample homecare regimen for clients undergoing microdermabrasion, laser or glycolic treatments:


Morning                                              Evening

Cleanse:             SensiCalm Gentle Foaming Wash                     SensiCalm Gentle Foaming Wash

Tone:                         SensiCalm Soothing Toner                         SensiCalm Soothing Toner

Intensive:             Copper Peptide / CoQ10 Gel

& SPF 30+ Sheer Moisturizer                         Intensive Night Replenishing Creme

Eyes:                         Eye Protection Creme                                   Eye Protection Creme

·       An excellent gentle wash for those who prefer a foaming formula; doesn’t strip the skin of vital moisture

·       Boswellia serrata is a highly effective ayurvedic calming agent-helps soothe redness, inflammation. Azulene, chamomile, lavender, green tea and calendula further calm sensitive skins.