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Skin Type: All except sensitive

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This toner is highly effective at removing impurities and hard water

residue, and leaves a thin layer of pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid. Skin will feel soft, smooth

and hydrated. Consistent use over time will result in improved skin clarity, texture and tone.


Price: $32.00

Additional Information

 Consistent use of glycolic acid will result in improved clarity, texture and tone of skin.

•  Tap water / hard water leave mineral deposits on the skin, which can cause complexion

to feel tight, dry and flaky. This often causes clients to believe their skin is drier than it in

fact is; as a result, they may over-moisturize which can cause sagging, congestion or

breakout. Toner removes this mineral residue, lightly hydrates without adding oil and

prepares skin for the proper protective treatment.

•  Caring for oily or acne-prone skin does not mean trying to dry the skin out! Despite having

excess oil, skin may still lack moisture, or water in the skin cells. Glycolic toner will help

clean and purify skin while hydrating and softening.