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Skin Type: Normal, dehydrated

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This lightweight creme delivers just the right amount of moisture to those

with fairly balanced skin. Hydrates, smooths away appearance of fine lines and provides daily

nutrients for healthy skin; allantoin, panthenol and aloe vera calm, soothe and refresh skin. Absorbs

quickly without any greasy feel.


Price: $33.00

Additional Information

Suggested homecare regime for normal skin:


Cleanse: Lavender Cleansing Milk Lavender Cleansing Milk

Tone: Purifying or Botanical Toner Purifying or Botanical Toner

Intensive: Vitamin C + Collagen Serum Glycolic Serum 10% or 15%

Moisturizer: Aloe & Chamomile Creme Light Aloe & Chamomile Creme Light

Eyes: Eye Protection Creme Eye Protection Creme

Weekly: BHA / Enzyme MicroPolish

Don’t smother your skin with moisturizer. Normal skin types need a light moisturizer that balances oil

and water levels in the skin. Overmoisturizing can lead to congested pores and even sagging. The

right moisturizer will make skin feel comfortable–not tight or flaky and not overly lubricated.