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Skin Type: Oily, acne-prone, combination

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This high performance purifying gel delivers botanical blemish-fighting

ingredients to problem and oily skin without overdrying. Vitamins C & E and aloe vera combine with

a blend of detoxifying botanicals and skin soothers to enhance skin’s natural repair process, and

help visibly fade discoloration from previous breakouts. The keratinolytic properties of salicylic acid

prevent dead cell buildup in the pores, keeping the complexion clear and bright.


Price: $35.00

Additional Information

CLIENT USE: Apply small amount to cleansed, toned skin. Can also be used as a either a mask or as a

spot treatment just on problem areas. Combining with other exfoliants may cause dryness.

 Sample homecare regimen for oily / acne prone / teenage skin:


Cleanse: Grapefruit Foaming Facial Wash Grapefruit Foaming Facial Wash

Tone: Purifying Toner Purifying Toner

Intensive: Glycolic Serum 

Treatment: SPF 30+ Sheer Moisturizer Botanical Balancer

Eyes: Botanical Eye Contour Gel Botanical Eye Contour Gel

Weekly: BHA / Enzyme MicroPolish twice weekly, and / or Detoxifying Mask

C_a_n_ _b_e_ _r_e_c_o_m_m_e_n_d_e_d_ _a_s_ _a_ _d_a_y_ _o_r_ _n_i_g_h_t_ _s_p_o_t_

_t_r_e_a_t_m_e_n_t_ _f_o_r_ _s_k_i_n_ _e_r_u_p_t_i_o_n_s_ _o_n_ _a_l_l_ _s_k_i_n_ _t_y_p_e_s_ _

E_x_c_e_l_l_e_n_t_ _f_o_r_ _u_s_e_ _o_n_ _b_a_c_k_ _a_n_d_ _c_h_e_s_t_ _b_r_e_a_k_o_u_t_s_ _

•  Those with acne prone skin may benefit from avoiding iodized salt and sodium-heavy foods.

•  Switch to organic dairy products and meats to avoid acne-aggravating hormone additives.

Acne conditions that appear to be cystic may indicate an intolerance for dairy products, so

it may be helpful to try cutting them back significantly.

•  Acne-prone clients need to look carefully at ingredients in haircare as well as skincare and

makeup choices. Heavy conditioners or leave-in hair straighteners can aggravate acne- if

you are seeing breakouts around the hairline on neck, chest an back, this may be a factor.

PROFESSIONAL USE: As a finishing product for clients with problem skin, massage small amount

gently; alternatively, may be used as a masking treatment for oily / acne skin or an antiseptic spot

treatment after extractions. This product contains an exfoliant, so use caution when using in

conjunction with other exfoliating treatments.