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Our Story

Nearly 13 years ago Big Girl Cosmetics CEO & Founder, Kiley Russell sat in the audience of the legendary television mogul, Oprah Winfrey. Russell, a self-proclaimed skin therapist, makeup artist and assistant principal at the time attended the momentous taping of Oprah the year she gifted her audience a Pontiac G6. The absorbent gift took the nation by storm but aspiring to live a more holistic and fulfilling life, Russell had a larger plan for her blessed gift. Kiley decided to sell the grand gift to start her dream, Big Girl Cosmetics.


Big Girl Cosmetics was founded by Russell to provide a skincare and cosmetics line for their unique skin and body care needs. After years of struggling to find quality skincare on the market for her own complexion, Russell began experimenting and using homemade recipes her grandmother used when she was a child. 


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